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3-month program class (18-month-old)
Pre-kindergarten at Tinnachote kindergarten focuses on developing skills that are essential for our student's everyday life. Our educators will guide and show our early age students how to be self-sufficient. This will lead to a child's Physical Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, and Communication Development
Learning with Routines
Establishing routines, such as morning greetings, getting dress, table etiquette, toileting and personal organizing, will enable children to develop independence.
The Montessori Method
Our child-led activities, classrooms with children of diverse ages, and teachers that foster independence among their pupils are all part of this child-centred approach to education. Our educators will arrange the surrounding and needed tools for an activity that enhance the learning process for the student.  


Kindergarten 1-3

3 - 5 Years Old
Our kindergarten class will be based on 6 activities, including Experience Building Activities, Freedom Activities, Creative Activities, Movement Activities, Outdoor Activities, and Game Activities.

Kindergarten 1 - 3
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Play-Based Learning
Our "play-based learning" and "learning by doing" activities will establish Physical Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, and Communication Development for our students.  
Preparing Children for a Continuing Education Academically
Our students will be prepared for their continuing education with Basic Math, Thai, English, and Intelligence Quotient. The activities and academics ratios are different according to the classes as shown below.


Kindergarten 1-3 Intensive English Program (IEP)

​In this program, kids will learn English from our qualified native English-speaking teacher every day. Children will begin their path to learning English by participating in exciting activities such as story-telling, playing games, and listening to music.

Intensive English Program (IEP)
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Extra-curricular Activities

Tinnachote students will be offered additional specialist programmes to broaden their experiences and provide designated sessions with specialist teachers in addition to studying time table. Extra curriculum activities include taekwondo and Thai traditional dance (Rum Thai) 

Extra-curicular Activities
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