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Fun Activities

We make learning fun and something kids look forwords to

At Tinnachote Kindergarten, we value the importance of creative activities that stimulate our student's curiosity and desire to learn more. Our school is known for offering diverse play-based curriculum activities that enhance physical and mental development.

Outstanding Acadamics

Start them with a great education

Early age is the most crucial and critical learning period for a child's development. We believe that our experienced teachers, and nurturing school environment, as well as closely working alongside families, allows the best learning outcome for our students. Kids that graduated from Tinnachote Kindergarten are known to succeed in elementary school.


Our facilities

A Safe place to learn

Our school has specifically designed a safe and excellent environment for learning. Equip with large outdoor green areas and well-ventilated classrooms and play areas. At Tinnachote, our staff takes great care to ensure the facilities are always safe and clean.

Intensive English Program (IEP)

Speaking English everyday

In this program, kids will learn English from our qualified native English teacher every day. Children will begin their path to learning English by participating in exciting activities such as story-telling, playing games, and listening to music. Our students will learn to communicate daily English communication and build their confidence to speak English.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Broaden their skills

Tinnachote students will be offered additional specialist programmes to broaden their experiences and provide designated sessions with specialist teachers in addition to studying time table.

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